The advent of mass production, particularly with the introduction of the Ford Model T, ended the period when custom-built cars held sway. Today, most people would pick an automobile’s utility over luxury any time any day. Nowadays, even automobile manufacturers don’t honor requests for customization of automobiles anymore, except for the very expensive ones. However, there is still hope. There is still room to pimp one’s car with the various car parts available today. For starters, what are aftermarket auto parts?

Note should be made that aftermarket car parts are neither necessary for the functioning of a car nor are they standard accessories that come with newly manufactured cars. They are just car parts that help suit your car taste and are sold by suppliers or manufacturers of auxiliary spare parts.

Fancying up your car the way you want it is a matter of choice. All you need is to visit a car parts store and do the necessary parts swap or add up where you desire.

Aftermarket parts have three core purposes depending on the spare parts used, namely:

  • Improving the efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Boosting vehicle performance.
  • Enhancing the beauty and feel of the vehicle.


Improving the efficiency of the vehicle: Some parts perform the function of gauging in order to track the overall vehicle performance, connecting fuel savers in order to propel distribution system, readjusting car body to make it light weight and making use of other measures that help provide the most use of your car.

Boosting vehicle performance:  The turbocharger is usually used to boost the performance of the engine. Another widely used aftermarket part is the high-performance muffler which is attached to the exhaust system in order to reduce the engine noise. Control panels and control arms also serve these functions.

Enhancing the beauty and feel of the vehicle:  Some of the products that perform this function include body shape and chassis reshaper, attractive paint, uniquely styled steering wheels and gear handles, chromium bumpers, wheel plates and plate mirrors, leather/fur upholstery among others.