There appears to be an unending supply of fresh, cool and exciting things to purchase online. While this provides you with a lot of awesome options to pick from it also offers you an overwhelming no. of options that you’ve to pick from. Finding cool stuff to buy online should be fun rather than it being overwhelming for you. Therefore, to assist you in making things simpler, we examined tens of thousands of products to arrive at a precise list of the most awesome cool things to purchase.

Whether you’re searching for cool products to purchase as a gift or to buy for yourself, this is the best list.

ICE Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

This is certainly a scenario where function precedes form. You’ll agree that the floating speaker is elegant if you look at it. However, by floating the sound quality is enhanced as well. The sound waves are directly in contact with the surface the speaker rests on with normal speakers thus leading to dampening and muffling of the sound. These waves aren’t adversely impacted by any tough surface due to floating thereby creating a very unique (and cool looking) sound-enhancing feature. It can serve as a portable Bluetooth Speaker since the orb is removable.

DJI Phantom Drone V2.0

DJI is one of the main brands in the emerging drone market for two major reasons:

  • Their drones are very efficient (offering you more flight time.)
  • The drones are very easy to use.

The Phantom V2.0 is DJI’s most common model since it’s packed with features and reasonably priced. It possesses a smart battery that offers up to 28 minutes of flight time (from a good range of 1000+ feet.) and can go up to 34 miles-per-hour. The Phantom V2.0 is also equipped with a GoPro mount… making it perfect for film making and photography. Unlike a lot of competing drone models, it could be flown right out of the box, without any assembly.

Always remember that searching for cool stuff to buy should be enjoyable and thrilling, not overwhelming and intimidating.