The cockroaches in your house disturb people most times to the extent that they will do anything to get rid of the cockroaches with immediate effect. However, some of the solutions we primarily reach for are not the most effective and efficient on the long run. Boric Acid is the ideal choice when it comes to the best cockroach killer for getting rid of a cockroach infestation in your house. Cockroaches breed in a fast way and could swiftly become resistant to the normal poisons sold in stores. The longer you make use of them, the less efficient and effective they become. Boric Acid doesn’t suffer from this issue.

This functions well as a stomach poison and by abrading the outward waxy coating found on the cockroach thus leading to its dehydration.

Boric Acid Powder

One popular form of boric acid employed in getting ridof cockroaches is a powder. Dusting areas that have high cockroach traffic (such as under refrigerators and behind stoves) lightly will prompt the cockroaches to pick it up on their bodies and legs. They take it back to their nests where it also eliminates the others.

Boric Acid Paste

Boric acid is a major component in a lot of cockroach pastes and gels. It functions very well as the poison and the other ingredients work as baits in a bid to get the cockroaches to consume the poison.These gels could be positioned along evident cockroach travel areas.

The Best Cockroach Killing Solution

The best cockroach killer for the elimination of a cockroach infestation is integrated pest control solution. Boric acid is one vital part of the solution, however, you would want to do a lot more.

You don’t have to depend on highly toxic poisons to carry out the job in an efficient and effective manner. Boric acid is basically benign to humans and doesn’t lose its efficacy over time. Therefore, it is an awesome tool to make use of in any integrated pest control solution.