1. Levelling is a Grind

It is easy to run the numbers and realise that without getting a smurf account majority of the level 30 accounts would require around 150 hours of constant playtime – without the user considering the queue times or taking any break!

This issue is accelerated when the no. of champions you want to play with in your account is multiplied by the same 150 hours. For instance, you could be looking at 750 hours of game time If you have 5 champions.

While the first time you are involved in the levelling of a champion/class in any fresh online game could be exciting, and it is something players often reminisce about most times, and it can assist you in learning your abilities with time as well. The fact is though, after getting to your first max levelled account future levelling swiftly turns into a grind.

  1. Each Champion Accelerates Your Time Spent Grinding

Just as previously mentioned in the last point the reason why you should think aboutgetting a Smurf account is that your grind time/levelling is boosted by the no. of champions you would like to have in your account.

How often have you gotten to the max level and found out that the champion doesn’t fit your playstyle or to make matters worse it’s nerfed in the newest patch thus making it the most unenticing class to play moving forward?It’s all a waste of your time.

Wouldn’t it be great if you are able to test classes at the topmost level prior toputting every of your valuable time? This is also vital if you are trying to improve your league ranking and locate a champion that interests you and fits your playstyle so that you couldget tothe diamond division or more.

Getting your account online means in a matter of minutes you could purchase a Smurf account and be playing online as soon as possible. You now have the advantage of testing classes without risking your primary account or investing precious.