When a new pilot attempts to get into the RC aircraft space, they could be enticed by a more costly drone and even though more costly drones are normally easier to fly in addition to having awesome cameras, the truth of the issue is that a newbie pilot is not ready for anything of such at all. They are not ready to take charge of a heavy, large aircraft, one that could break very easily, cause injury to another individual, or even property damage. The wise thing to do in this case is to look for a drone that is within an affordable budget, like the best drone under $100.

While that may sound far-fetched,  it does and can happen, these new pilots fall into an untrue sense of security with GPS stabilization, without any clue on how to assert themselves if there is no signal anymore, or worse if the signal starts to misbehave. If this ever happens to the aforementioned new pilots, there is every likelihood that they will crash their drone into the ground thereby destroying it. The more reason it is important for a new pilot to learn the ropes with a less costly drone.

Unfortunately majority of these lesser priced remote controlled aircraft are fairly the same and when looking for the best drone under $100, this is an even bigger issue as a lot of them are really the re-branded versions of similar aircraft with a marked up price that could lead to unnecessarily spending more for the same product exactly.

All of these multirotors consist of essentials such as a charger, remote (more popularly known as a transmitter), battery, and the last but not the least the quadcopter itself. All of these are controlled with the use of a normal mode 2 style transmitter with adjustable trim settings and throttle on the left. They are also handled with the use of the same basic auto-leveling flight mode and basic control scheme, however, they all feel different to control distinctly just like a car.