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It is said that success goes to the person’s that are really looking for it. Under this motto, Real Estate Foreclosure aims to improve the relationship between clients and banks and to help the people in need of a new house, to obtain low prices for the most beautiful and clean properties.

Although buying a house can be nowadays made from a graphical user interface, it is recommended to have a private meeting between the buyer and the seller. And this is what out company achieves! Provides support and assistance for real estate transactions, and helps their clients to obtain the best price for their desired property.

You can anytime reach our office at the mentioned address bellow, or you can 24/7 call at our Call Centre and ask them about your problems and encountered issues.



Real Estate Foreclosure


Peachtree St SW, 22


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Customer Care Department

In order to provide to our customers all the required information for buying the best house for their available budget, the Customer Care department has been created. The purpose of this structure is to refresh the memory of all clients about the legal implications of buying a foreclosed property and all the required aspects that must be very carefully read when signing the contract.

Also, here you will have presented the available specialists that may accompany you through the whole property purchasing process and will guide you and help in getting the lowest price for the desired house.

Online App Enhancement

As to stay updated with the latest foreclosed properties and to run all the actions desired straight immediately from your comfy bed, you are able to download the official Real Estate Foreclosure app from the phone store and to use it to keep in touch 24/7 with us.

The application is available to be downloaded from the following:

  • App Store – iOS
  • Google Play – Android
  • Windows Store – Windows Phone


You may contact us on:



When making a contract with us, you will also receive your unique, personal credentials to log in into the mobile application. You can there visualize all the properties available to be bought with the foreclosure conditions and you can communicate with us permanently.

The app is specially designed in order to offer a very high user experience, but with the minimum of required technological skills. Thus, even if you are not a guru of the modern mobile phones, you are still able to manage to deal with this very simple and highly efficient mobile solution.