If you are in an unexpected situation and survival is a must, keep in mind that you must have a knife. The question is, what kind of survival knife do you need? People would always choose any knife just for the heck of it but this shouldn’t be the case. Everyone has its own personal preferences, but what makes it great with camping or going hiking is that the best survival knives are the most essential in your whole outdoor experience. To give you a better choice, here are the different guidelines in searching for a survival knife.

  1. Choose a fix blade and not a folding blade- any knife would come in handy if you are doing outdoor activities. However, not at every situation becomes applicable. This means that you’ll have to choose between a folding and a fix blade. Considering that you are going out like camping or hiking. Mostly the use of a fix blade is better than having the folding one. Its purpose is that it is much easier to use in terms of any rough times during survival needs.
  2. The use of a “full tang”- this means that you can use the knife in its full length (from the tip to the bottom). Its main purpose is to provide you with essential strength especially during survival situations. In comparison with a partial tang it is too flimsy for any type of situation wherein you will need to force the entire blade towards the object.
  3. High carbon knife steel- a carbon knife steel is basically one of the new versions of blades that you can find in the market. Of course, if you want to invest on a survival knife, you’d go for a price that is right and fits your budget as well. So, it is important that you pick up the best survival knivesin the market.
  4. Length of the blades – size always matters. However, if it is too big is not always the best choice in terms of survival needs? For example, if the blade is too thick, this wouldn’t suffice and it will not be effective in performing a kind of task that you’d like to accomplish on that day.
  5. Thickness of the blade- if you are shopping for a survival blade, a best survival knivesis those that you can use at any situation. As much as possible, look for an outdoor knife that you can carry anywhere you’re going. As mentioned, it is important that you look for a knife that has the right thickness.
  6. A synthetic handle- does not forget that having to do a task with a knife is its handle. Rubber handles is a must for you to survive in the wilderness.

One of the best survival knives that you can find in the market are the full tang and fix blade knives. It meets the criteria for outdoor use and its essential way of performing the tasks.