The Igloo dog house reviews are testimonies from customers that have used the Igloo dog houses. And just as its name suggests, it is a dog house in the shape of an igloo! But what makes the Igloo dog houses very popular among the dogs? There are different reasons as to why it is so, and the reasons are:

  • Dogs are protected from the elements. Based on various igloo dog house reviews, the igloo dog houses are more enclosed and tight compared with the other dog house models, as the igloo-shaped dog house provides protection to the dogs from environment’s foreign elements. Because of this reason, the igloo-shaped dog houses are very popular in places with extreme climate.
  • The design of the igloo-shaped allows the house itself to withstand against high winds. It is also a perfect dog house to be placed outdoors when the winter season’s starts, as it sheds off the snow naturally and many other debris as well.
  • The igloo dog house is very easy to install, too. There is little manual labour needed and they are portable, too. You can move the igloo dog house conveniently without so much hassle.
  • The igloo dog house comes in a unique style. They have a fun design that not only wills the dogs love, but also the owners, too.

When you choose an igloo dog house, the main key here is to look for the one that size that fits your dog. You have to make sure that your pet dog is able to stand up inside the igloo house, lie down and turn around comfortably. If it is too big, your pet dog will find it difficult to get warm enough. If it is too small, the dog won’t be much comfortable.

The igloo dog houses can also be used together with the dog kennels for outdoors wherein it provides a good space for the dog to call it his own.

Which dogs are suited for the Igloo dog houses?

Based on various igloo dog house reviews, the igloo-shaped dog house is ideal for medium and small sized breed of dogs. There are also huge igloo dog houses for larger breeds, but they are hardly accessible. What’s more, the availability of the igloo dog houses is rarely seen in brick and mortar stores. They are widely available online.

There are different brands that offer igloo-shaped dog houses, but the best brands are the ones that are highly praised in various igloo dog house reviews. The dog house reviews are shown below the product that they are showcasing and from there, you find how most people find the dog house when they used it. There should be a rating based from the accumulated scores given by the users. Look for reviews that are detailed – telling you all the details about the product. It is even better if they are able to provide a summary of all the features that they’ve find from using the igloo dog house.