After leaving the tattoo studio, what you use your tattoo to do would go a long way to determine how good it will look for several years down the line. It is really quite a tricky aspect. If you would not take proper care of your tattoo, you will surely ruin it! First, you have to examine the Primitive Outpost tattoo aftercare collection.

Therefore, what do we have to do to keep your tattoo nice? Just adhere to these tips.

After Tattoo Pain Comes Tattoo Aftercare

Although various artists have various aftercare tips, it is a really good idea to listen to the advice they have to give due to the fact that the artists are experienced. The following are just some of the basics.

Keep It Covered

Make sure that you keep the bandage on for almost three hours, less or more. Your artist will precisely tell you the duration you have to keep it.  The bandage would absorb some of the goop, fresh ink, blood, fresh ink and keep it from staining your clothes.

Wash It Well

To eliminate the intense blood, goop, fresh ink,  and anesthetic numbing spray, you should clean your wound via the assistance of a mild antibacterial soap with the topical anesthetic to prevent infection. Repeat this process until your tattoo has healed. By the way, don’t touch the tattoo with unwashed hands! You do not want the potential infection to render all of your effort useless.

Most of the tattoo artists will recommend to gently washing your tattoo using hot water and a mild soap after you have removed the covering. Liquid soaps such as Carex are highly recommended. Never use a scented soap otherwise it will irritate the tattoo.

Aside from that, you should also apply a moisturizing cream such as Bepanthin. Make sure to thin out the layer before you apply. Depending on the type of skin that you have and the advice of your tattoo artist, you may or may not re-bandage the tattoo. During the first week of the healing process, you are required to repeat this process for up to 5 times a day.

Moreover, your tattoo should be kept clean and dry. You should avoid swimming pools, jacuzzi, and the ocean for at least a month. Showering is not also recommended. If your tattoo touches your clothes, make sure that you’re going to cover it with a medical tape or gauze to avoid infection.

Direct sunlight should also be avoided if you have a new tattoo. Even if it’s already healed, colored tattoos can fade due to extreme sunlight. If you are going to go outside, you might want to protect yourself from the sun by applying sun blocks.

The healing time depends on the size and design of the tattoo that you have. If you only got lines and simple drawings, it could only take a few weeks, but if you got your entire back covered with a face of a lion, then you should repeat the process for at least a month until it fully heals. Once your tattoo is healed, make sure that you do not use any abrasive products. You should switch to mild unscented products once you had your tattoo because it’ll help in making it look good as new and prevent infection.

Most people with new tattoos experience flaking or scabbing. Now, as tempting as it may sound you should never scratch it. Whenever the tattoo acts up, you should only slap it gently until you’re comfortable again. Do not worry because it’ll only last for a week, assuming you don’t have an extra-sensitive skin. If your tattoo keeps on bleeding and you’re not doing anything about it, you should head straight to your tattoo artist or immediately seek advice from a medical professional. As rare as it may sound, infected tattoos can introduce a lot of problems in the long run if left neglected.

You should also assess your tattoo once it’s fully healed. If you think you just lost some ink, or you are not satisfied with the tattoo, you can always go back for a touch-up. Considering the fact that it will be on your skin permanently, make sure that it’s a design you’ll never get tired looking at. Study the various designs that you’d like to have before you go to a tattoo artist. Choose a design that is timeless and that reflects your personality. A tattoo is a great form of art once done and maintained properly.