Real Estate Foreclosure is an affiliate company of the most important banks in USA, which provides sale services for the foreclosed properties that result as a contract end between the bank and a client.


Do you consider that buying a house is a thing that you may never accomplish? Well, for some of you this may be a fact if you are not informed about the foreclosure listings available on the market.

Foreclosure properties are those properties that have been retained by a bank in order to cover their loans to certain people. Usually, after the property has been mortgaged and the contract between the bank and the client has been ended, in order to get their cash, the bank will have an auction with the retained property.

Starting most of the times from half the market price, the property auctioned will very fast find a new buyer, willing to make a great deal.

Agency’s Targets and Goals

The specialized staff members at this company are required to have a lot of background experience in real estate businesses and their ability to negotiate the best price is far beyond any regular person’s skills.

Since its creation, in 2001, Real Estate Foreclosure has sought to provide to their customers the most beautiful and stabile foreclosed properties that the USA banks listed on the real estate market. Having a very small 10% commission on the sold properties, this company has been watched by most real estate buyers as a holy grail, mostly due to offering sales market customers the possibility of buying cheap houses in very good locations, with many payment options.

Highly positive reviews are running on the online real estate forums about this fantastic company, as for the high quality services provided and the overall customer satisfaction.

5 stars rated properties are available in these 5 states, highly appreciated and shared between our clients:

  • Florida – 152,712 Properties
  • California – 103,778 Properties
  • Georgia – 51,275 Properties
  • Texas – 46,378 Properties
  • Arizona – 34,680 Properties

Advantages of buying a foreclosed property

The advantages of buying a foreclosed property are of such a great importance that they must be stated in the front page. Starting with the very low price of the bought property and ranging all the way to the immediate availability of the house, these are some advantages that for sure will make any client’s dream come true.

Not many people know that for some foreclosed properties, listed on the real estate market, if 24h has passed, since the first bid, and no other bidder listed his offer to compete with the first one, then the existing offer will be declared as winner.

Summed into a simple phrase, if you are very well informed and you are able to place your offer in a short amount of time, with a little luck you will be the lucky winner of a very good property at half the market price. Thus, I highly encourage you to stay close to this awesome company and share, follow and subscribe their news, in order to receive the latest news and foreclosed properties that are available to be immediately bid for.

One of the most important facts that have boosted this company up to the most efficient and productive real estate agencies is their many affiliation programs with the most important banks on the entire USA territory. In this way, after a bank has ended a contract with a client and had foreclosed the property, it will be immediately able to get their money back as for the high agency coverage upon the entire USA country.

About us

When it comes to having a professional and highly experienced company beside you, to assist at your property sales deals, Real Estate Foreclosure is definitely the best option. Its highly qualified staff members and professional development and customer care departments are created specially to fulfill each client requests and to obtain the best price for any selected interest domain.

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Taking Care of Your Property: iPhone Battery Replacement Singapore

Taking Care of Your Property: iPhone Battery Replacement Singapore

One of the most efficient ways to get your phone serviced is through the use of an online website that deals specifically in iPhones like the iPhone battery replacement Singapore service.

One thing that should be under consideration if you’ve been using your iPhone for many years is whether or not you want to get a replacement battery and continue using the phone or opt for a newer model. Newer models have more features undoubtedly, therefore, you could get a new iPhone rather than an iPhone battery service.

If you buy a new battery, they are accompanied by a warranty period of one to ten years dependent on the battery and/or repair service you opted for. Then if you require an iPhone battery replacement Singapore service for your phone you have to make a decision on whether or not you’re the techie type that loves the newest and the latest in technology and therefore will keep the new iPhone for some years only until a newer and flashier one is made. If you’re the techie type, you possibly don’t have to be conscious of the battery warranty associated with your replacement battery since you won’t really need it.

There are a lot of places that offer iPhone battery replacement Singapore service be it for a battery or other problems. If you opt for an online repair site they’ll access your iPhone before servicing it and inform you what the issue is and how much money it will take to repair it. Then the decision is left to you.

If you want to limit your battery wear there are some things that can be done. You can switch off push applications to limit battery wear. You can fetch new data manually rather than have it come automatically which limits battery wear. If you make use of an auto check for emails you can remove email accounts so it checks fewer accounts. You can also use fewer third party applications since they prevent screen dimming thereby drawing down the battery. Essentially, lesser use of automatic options save your battery.

Red Copper Pan: Cooking Up Foreclosures

Red Copper Pan: Cooking Up Foreclosures

Just as it was revealed in the promo, Red Copper Pan is regarded as a non-stick ceramic copper cookware that prides itself on the combination of the power from copper and non-stick ceramic to deliver awesome results. Since Red Copper Pan is designed from ultra-tough copper, it is said to have copper infused resilience that will make it last for a very long time. The manufacturers also clearly stated that the Red Copper Pan is free of PTFE and PFOA meaning that it has no dangerous chemicals and toxins and therefore it is entirely safe and secure for the family.


Claims about Red Copper Pan

Everyone loves the idea of cooking however it is what happens afterwards that we fear the most. Despite the fact that there are a lot of cooking appliances and gadgets, nothing brings as much excitement like the good old pan. But, how will one arrive at the best and the most effective plus efficient option with an array of non-stick pans all jostling for our attention in the market?

Evidently, Red Copper Pan claims to have emerged as your most favorite possession as far as cooking pans are concerned. Though it is important to point out that this claim attributed to Red Copper Pan can only be ascertained immediately users have reviewed the Non-Stick Ceramic Copper pan.

So what makes this particular Non-Stick Copper pan stand out for its efficiency and uniqueness when a comparison is drawn with the rest of the competition? First of all, it is derived from ultra-tough copper that is surely accompanied with the promise of copper-induced toughness. Thereafter comes the aspect of the Red Copper Pan being a combination of copper and non-stick ceramic that delivers awesome results. Therefore if you are fed up of seeing your food stick to your old pans too closely, scrubbing and scrapping them, Red Copper Pan could be a good solution. It is the most durable pan you’re going to ever use and is guaranteed to defy scratches.


Meeting Your Agency Targets and Goals: Pros and Cons of Lean Garcinia Plus

Meeting Your Agency Targets and Goals: Pros and Cons of Lean Garcinia Plus

The idea of shedding weight is a big worry to many people around the world. As confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO) obesity is associated with heart attacks thus leading to the development of supplement products like lean garcinia plus which help in shedding weight.

The production of this supplement is not well detailed however it is available for clients around the world. Since people would love to look amazing and shed weight as well. The company location can be gotten by surfing the internet and obtaining their phone number, email and address.



This supplement contains Hydroxycitric Acid which is the major ingredient responsible for weight reduction. It can also be made up of HCA- as the ingredients.



  • Metabolism is improved by the supplement
  • It limits appetite level and assimilation while the storage of fats is also blocked
  • The cholesterol level available in the body is accelerated by boosting the availability of blood sugar.



Enzyme function is inhibited by lean garcinia plus. One of the enzymes inhibited by the supplement is enzyme lipase that is responsible for fat production. This ensures that there is less storage of fats and its production by the body as well. The supplement is able to trigger serotonin manufacture thus acting as hunger controller.



  • It is a natural product with zero additives and fat adjuvants
  • Prevention of heart disease
  • Improved energy production due to serotonin which helps in breaking down fats.


  • Doctor’s prescription not needed to buy the supplement thus making it dangerous and abused.
  • The supplement contains one major ingredient only thereby making it a more complex supplement
  • It cannot be used alongside other additives
  • Not suitable for expectant mothers.


Latest JAMB News: Real Estate Targets and Goals for UTME2017

Latest JAMB News: Real Estate Targets and Goals for UTME2017

Curbing examination malpractices in Nigeria has always been a long battle. While some students get introduced to examination malpractices at the tender classes of primary school, this practice usually carries on into the secondary and tertiary institutions. In the latest JAMB News, the Joint Admission and Matriculations Board (JAMB) has announced steps to curtail examination malpractice.

This new rules and guidelines, which is hoped will curb student cheating, are being introduced ahead of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) exam for 2017. They are as follows;

  1. Use of CCTV cameras for every CBT centre.
  2. Use of a hall with 250 functional laptop or desktop computer systems and an additional 25 as a backup. The computers must come with a minimum 15-inch monitors/screens with a connection to robust computer servers that have the requisite capacity to serve 250 systems simultaneously.
  3. Local Area Networks (LANs) to be used instead of wireless connectivity.
  4. Use of 26 by 18 inches cubicles.
  5. Adequate security to be provided through five on-site technical personnel and one network engineer.
  6. Backup power supply to be provided in the form of a minimum 40KVA generating set for each centre with 250 systems, in addition to Inverters/UPS capable of carrying all systems for two hours minimum.
  7. A minimum 250-capacity reception facility including canopies and chairs for each facility.
  8. All the centres must have enclosed premises with functional and sufficient air-conditioners. There should also be up-to-date antivirus, Windows 7 at the minimum, lighting, and so on, at the centres.


It should be recalled that last year in a previous JAMB News, the board revealed a plan to stop the use of scratch cards in favour of pin vending in the 2017 UTME test, with the board also indicating its readiness to stop using general cut-off marks for UTME candidates.


Considering Real Estate Foreclosures: Best Drone Under $100

Considering Real Estate Foreclosures: Best Drone Under $100

When a new pilot attempts to get into the RC aircraft space, they could be enticed by a more costly drone and even though more costly drones are normally easier to fly in addition to having awesome cameras, the truth of the issue is that a newbie pilot is not ready for anything of such at all. They are not ready to take charge of a heavy, large aircraft, one that could break very easily, cause injury to another individual, or even property damage. The wise thing to do in this case is to look for a drone that is within an affordable budget, like the best drone under $100.

While that may sound far-fetched,  it does and can happen, these new pilots fall into an untrue sense of security with GPS stabilization, without any clue on how to assert themselves if there is no signal anymore, or worse if the signal starts to misbehave. If this ever happens to the aforementioned new pilots, there is every likelihood that they will crash their drone into the ground thereby destroying it. The more reason it is important for a new pilot to learn the ropes with a less costly drone.

Unfortunately majority of these lesser priced remote controlled aircraft are fairly the same and when looking for the best drone under $100, this is an even bigger issue as a lot of them are really the re-branded versions of similar aircraft with a marked up price that could lead to unnecessarily spending more for the same product exactly.

All of these multirotors consist of essentials such as a charger, remote (more popularly known as a transmitter), battery, and the last but not the least the quadcopter itself. All of these are controlled with the use of a normal mode 2 style transmitter with adjustable trim settings and throttle on the left. They are also handled with the use of the same basic auto-leveling flight mode and basic control scheme, however, they all feel different to control distinctly just like a car.


Boosting Real Estate Efficiency: Effects of Junivive

Boosting Real Estate Efficiency: Effects of Junivive

A large number of ladies are as yet attempting to maintain the charm and gleam in their face so as to prevent the deterioration that for the most part happens because of the aging process which throws up various signs to make the face appear dry with fine lines, full of wrinkles and dark circles. If you require a secret weapon that can provide you with skin that is stunning while also rejuvenating you for many years, then Junivive is what you need. With this cream, painful procedures or expensive surgical operations are not required.

Junivive cream aids the natural fortification of your skin’s moisturizing action by giving it a firmer appearance and reinstating your natural radiance thereby making your skin appear younger and cooler. The general pattern in the process of aging involves the use of serums and anti-aging creams to improve the attraction and glow of the face. As of late, different manufacturers have taken their business online with a couple of special preparations with the guarantee of results that are safe due to their natural constituents.

In the same vein, Junivive promises to provide younger looking skin in just 2 weeks. Signs of aging are a result of less collagen formation leading to blocked skin pores and a limit to moisture levels.

Collagen is typically a naturally-occurring peptide available underneath the dermal layer of the face and if you want to be free of dark circles, wrinkles, and fine linings, then collagen needs to be hastened.

Junivive Cream Ingredients

Junivive cream is made up of various sources of plant extracts and natural herbs with no fillers and binders. Natural products are 100% safe with an evaluation through clinical procedures covering all types of skin. The ingredients listed on the bottle of this cream are;

  • Extracts of Aloe Vera
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Tea Tree Extracts
  • Ginseng extracts
  • L-Arginine
  • Avocado oil
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Antioxidants
  • Honeysuckle oil
  • Orange See Excerpts



Beautifying Your Real Estate: Selecting a Large Digital Photo Frame for Your Home

Beautifying Your Real Estate: Selecting a Large Digital Photo Frame for Your Home

The viral use of digital photo frames is by consequence the result of the pervasiveness of mobile phones and digital cameras that have multifarious functions. Getting brand new photo albums to preserve a memory is both old school and unnecessary since you can have soft copies of your pictures on display in an equally safe place. Join the train of modern technology and enjoy the benefits that come with it by buying your own large digital photo frame.

A number of people perceive digital frames as expensive ( probably because they look too good to be true)  but what they don’t understand is that digital frames actually help to conserve the costs of printing or developing photos. You can even showcase your images by the sideline if you use a large digital frame. The efficiency of modern gadgets like the digital photo frame becomes evident when you figure out how to use them.

When you have decided to get your own digital photo frame,  a quick research on what is available in the market gives you a variety of options you can choose from. And of course, there is no gainsaying that you have to consider some factors before spending your hard earned cash on just any digital photo frame.

For instance, in getting a digital photo frame within your budget, a key consideration should be the size. Will a small or large digital photo frame accommodate my needs?

These frames come in different sizes so check the different dimensions of each frame and take your time to pick the one that would serve you and of course remember to put your budget into consideration. Nowadays, you can find a 7-inch or more digital photo frame online and in stores.

And yes, you need to also consider the picture resolution of images you want to display on the frame. For a large digital photo frame, a picture with low resolution would not look so good so it is advised to grace your digital photo frame with a befitting photo.


Aftermarket Car Parts: Essential Requirements for Lasting Property

Aftermarket Car Parts: Essential Requirements for Lasting Property

The advent of mass production, particularly with the introduction of the Ford Model T, ended the period when custom-built cars held sway. Today, most people would pick an automobile’s utility over luxury any time any day. Nowadays, even automobile manufacturers don’t honor requests for customization of automobiles anymore, except for the very expensive ones. However, there is still hope. There is still room to pimp one’s car with the various car parts available today. For starters, what are aftermarket auto parts?

Note should be made that aftermarket car parts are neither necessary for the functioning of a car nor are they standard accessories that come with newly manufactured cars. They are just car parts that help suit your car taste and are sold by suppliers or manufacturers of auxiliary spare parts.

Fancying up your car the way you want it is a matter of choice. All you need is to visit a car parts store and do the necessary parts swap or add up where you desire.

Aftermarket parts have three core purposes depending on the spare parts used, namely:

  • Improving the efficiency of the vehicle.
  • Boosting vehicle performance.
  • Enhancing the beauty and feel of the vehicle.


Improving the efficiency of the vehicle: Some parts perform the function of gauging in order to track the overall vehicle performance, connecting fuel savers in order to propel distribution system, readjusting car body to make it light weight and making use of other measures that help provide the most use of your car.

Boosting vehicle performance:  The turbocharger is usually used to boost the performance of the engine. Another widely used aftermarket part is the high-performance muffler which is attached to the exhaust system in order to reduce the engine noise. Control panels and control arms also serve these functions.

Enhancing the beauty and feel of the vehicle:  Some of the products that perform this function include body shape and chassis reshaper, attractive paint, uniquely styled steering wheels and gear handles, chromium bumpers, wheel plates and plate mirrors, leather/fur upholstery among others.



FAQ is the official platform of Real Estate Foreclosure, one of the most respected, and top real estate companies in USA. Having yearly, over 12,000 satisfied clients, this agency is really fulfilling their client needs and is looking always to improve the user experience.

In this sentiment, the FAQ page is responsible for answering to the most common asked questions and to provide 100% free solutions to encountered issues.

Q: What is a foreclosed property?

A: Hello and thank you for reaching our Call Centre. A foreclosed property appears when the homeowner of the property is unavailable to make the remained payments to a bank, or former owner, and thus, he will be evicted from the house and the property will be sold, as stipulated in the mortgage contract.

More than this, the evicted person is forbidden to get near the house after the lender will have sold it, as in order to prevent rage behavior and any other problems that may occur.

I hope that you will find my answer clear to your problem. For any further details please write us on or reach us at the phone number +3 445 882 111.

Q: The foreclosed homes are cheaper to buy?

A: Hello and thank you for reaching our Call Centre. Usually, a foreclosed home is much cheaper to buy than a regular house, even if there are no hidden problems or aspect at it. Under favorite/unfortunate circumstances, a person who mortgaged his house isn’t anymore able to pay its rates and thus, he is evicted from the house and the property is listed to be sold.

According to the online statistics, a foreclosed home goes for prices 40% cheaper than similar owner-sold houses, in most of the USA states. We highly encourage you to consider this aspect when buying a house.

I hope that my answer was clear and concise for your question. For any further details please write us on or reach us at the phone number +3 445 882 111.




To state our client’s appreciation and to share their reviews about us, we’ve chosen to list some of their reviews and remarks. Read here about their experience and visit us on in order to get the best deal of your life.

Samuel & Martha:

“At first we were a little scarred about the implications that may occur after buying a foreclosed property and owing money to a bank, but in the end all things happened as planned and we are extremely happy in our new house.

The whole story started when we were looking for a new place where to move together. When realizing that the sums asked by certain sellers were way above our budget, we started looking for other alternatives. And so we found out about Real Estate Foreclosure! A company that –makes your dreams come true-.

When meeting with their official, he provided us the list with the available domains to be bought and their prices. Beside this, he explained us all the process that must be performed, from the early beginning of house review, untl the final payment made to the bank. His professionalism, respect and seriousness fascinated us and we decided to give it a try.

After we have selected the desired house to buy, we made its review and agreed with the bank of a final price. A reason why we were able to make an agreement with the bank upon the house price was the lack of other bidders for the property. At the price agreement, we were represented by a sales specialist from Real Estate Foreclosure and we must say that he obtained a price even lower than half the market price of that property. Really amazing!

The payment method chosen by us was the 2-3 step payment and agreed on some certain dates to make the certain amount of cash payments. Everything went smooth, without hidden stories and aspects.

We are extremely happy in our new house and with this review I would really like to appreciate this awesome company that helped us make our dream come true. In the end, I would highly recommend to each person looking for a new house, to contact this agency and look over their offers because the experience felt there is one of a kind and the deals closed here are unique.”


Britney & Tom:

“Hello there! I would really like to share with you guys the most beautiful experience that I had when I bought my new house. Meanwhile, I would also like to encourage you to check about Real Estate Foreclosure, a company that has sales listings for such a good price, that you might even consider a bargain a domain that on the market is a luxury.

Through the company’s official platform, I was able to get the list of all properties that are available to be bought as a result of a foreclosure. By making this move, I instantly cut the price of the newly house in half.

As money was the primary objective for me, I used some of the agency’s specialists in order to agree with the bank upon a property price that will satisfy both our interests. Along with my bargain skills, we managed to get the price desired, even a few thousands lower, thing that impressed me about the company’s members.

At that moment, I realized the professionalism and experience of their members and since then, I recommend to every known person this awesome sales agency. Thank you for helping me with a really good investment and I hope to make deals with you again in the very near future.”