To state our client’s appreciation and to share their reviews about us, we’ve chosen to list some of their reviews and remarks. Read here about their experience and visit us on in order to get the best deal of your life.

Samuel & Martha:

“At first we were a little scarred about the implications that may occur after buying a foreclosed property and owing money to a bank, but in the end all things happened as planned and we are extremely happy in our new house.

The whole story started when we were looking for a new place where to move together. When realizing that the sums asked by certain sellers were way above our budget, we started looking for other alternatives. And so we found out about Real Estate Foreclosure! A company that –makes your dreams come true-.

When meeting with their official, he provided us the list with the available domains to be bought and their prices. Beside this, he explained us all the process that must be performed, from the early beginning of house review, untl the final payment made to the bank. His professionalism, respect and seriousness fascinated us and we decided to give it a try.

After we have selected the desired house to buy, we made its review and agreed with the bank of a final price. A reason why we were able to make an agreement with the bank upon the house price was the lack of other bidders for the property. At the price agreement, we were represented by a sales specialist from Real Estate Foreclosure and we must say that he obtained a price even lower than half the market price of that property. Really amazing!

The payment method chosen by us was the 2-3 step payment and agreed on some certain dates to make the certain amount of cash payments. Everything went smooth, without hidden stories and aspects.

We are extremely happy in our new house and with this review I would really like to appreciate this awesome company that helped us make our dream come true. In the end, I would highly recommend to each person looking for a new house, to contact this agency and look over their offers because the experience felt there is one of a kind and the deals closed here are unique.”


Britney & Tom:

“Hello there! I would really like to share with you guys the most beautiful experience that I had when I bought my new house. Meanwhile, I would also like to encourage you to check about Real Estate Foreclosure, a company that has sales listings for such a good price, that you might even consider a bargain a domain that on the market is a luxury.

Through the company’s official platform, I was able to get the list of all properties that are available to be bought as a result of a foreclosure. By making this move, I instantly cut the price of the newly house in half.

As money was the primary objective for me, I used some of the agency’s specialists in order to agree with the bank upon a property price that will satisfy both our interests. Along with my bargain skills, we managed to get the price desired, even a few thousands lower, thing that impressed me about the company’s members.

At that moment, I realized the professionalism and experience of their members and since then, I recommend to every known person this awesome sales agency. Thank you for helping me with a really good investment and I hope to make deals with you again in the very near future.”