Gucci happens to be a luxury brand; opting for one of these stylish bags is a huge statement of style. When purchasing your maiden Gucci bag, check out the different types of bags and their disparities to determine which works well the most for you. Gucci Bags is in a lot of styles, some perfect for an evening out and others intended for everyday use. Gucci provides a lot of variations for the majority of their flairs, with some having seven or more fabric and color variations. Immediately you decide on a style, choose whether you would like to buy the bag used or new. While a used bag gives evident savings, it might have some damage from use on a daily basis.

Choose a Gucci Bag Style

If this happens to be your first handbag, settle on the most appropriate style to meet your needs. For the purse that’s with you from work to a casual evening out, search for a bag that’s huge enough to accommodate all the things you require in the course of the day. This could include grooming supplies, your wallet, your phone, as well as other miscellaneous items that make up your day. For the majority of the women, this should be a larger or medium sized bag. Clutches and small bags are most appropriate for evenings, when you just need some items.

Another thing of how you can get your hands on Gucci bags is finding out what you are going to look out for. Since almost everyone want their hands on designer bags but more than half of them can’t afford the price of authentic ones, many manufacturers have created replicas of these designer bags so as to satisfy the masses that want to have their own designer bags but can’t afford for the original. This is why it makes it difficult for some consumers that want to buy on authentic bags but end up with a fake one. What’s more, they were being ripped off since the quality of the bag is nowhere near the original. The materials used were substandard, making it more a headache that they’ve been had.

In here, you will learn on how you can avoid yourself from getting these fake bags and what you need to find more from your bags.

The key here is looking inside the bag. The lining of the bag is usually linen blend or purely linen. Make sure that you check out whether you can find the serial number inside. It should have the ® symbol in it. This is the mark of registered trademark. It must also possess the Gucci brand stamped with it. Its U is more bold at the left side compared to the right side.

You should also check out the backside of the label of the interior. This is where you will find its serial number. This must be presented in 2 lines of the hand-stamped numbers. The first row is the model number while the second one is its control number, a unique way of identifying the authenticity of the bag. The numbers are thin and are lightly pressed on its material. They are neither wide nor scattered.

You should also take note that the popular monogram canvas pieces you must take a look at both the leather trim and the fabric. The fabric must also have that slight sheen on it when you take a look to it, especially when you hold the bag at a certain angle. When it comes to the leather trim, it must always be the pebbled napa leather and not the microsuede.

Taking into account the luxury handbags, its hardware components must also possess its own distinction. All the hardware used with Gucci, especially the ones that used with handles and straps, are all made with great quality metal. This is the material that makes the bag heavier, plus with its imprinted brand name. Its imprints are usually accompanied with the phrase that indicates where it was made, like “Made in Italy”.

At this point, you already have purchased the Gucci bags that you have always sought for. However, it won’t last long if you are casual about taking care of it. It must be stored properly in order to maintain its optimal condition. Use its dust bag, which comes together with your purchase, as this is used to protect the bag from deteriorating.