Why us

We are the right place for your location search

Guide Location the world finest location guides offers a great service in the research, strategy, planning and coordination is choosing a location for your travel and business needs. We offer the best and strive to remain the best solution for your travel and location needs. Also, we give practical, pragmatic advice to help you make an informed decision at no additional cost. We are always researching, networking, and innovating so as always to bring you the newest up to date information on the policies and happenings around the world so as to help you stay ahead of the competition.

We are in love what we do, maybe a bit too much, and bring high enthusiasm and dedication to everything we are working on. Simply put, if you want a partner who cares about your business, and who will not rest until you have achieved success, choose Guide Location Service. We will give you a strategic guide in making a choice for a new business location, travel location or career change relocation.

We listen

We listen, we discuss, we advise. Sounds obvious? We pay attention to you and listen to your ideas, plans, and dream for your location needs, we review your plan, analyze the prospect and then we help you choose the right solution. We do not do any half minded job. And if we believe that we are not good enough to fit your project, we will be honest and tell you from the get-go.


We have been providing location and relocation service as a company since the past 23 years, but we have been networking and developing business relationships with policy makers in several countries for close to 30 years now. We have seen companies rise and fall, and government come and have keenly observed the cause